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Managers’ Perceptions of Crowding and Noise in New York State Parks

Aaron Krinsky, Diane Kuehn


As visitation to New York State Parks continues to rise, it is important to evaluate potential crowding impacts on visitor experiences and the natural resources. This study examines park managers’ perceptions of crowding in New York State Parks. Using a semi-structured interview format, 20 managers were interviewed by telephone to identify their definition of crowding, the potential impacts that exist in their parks, the strategies currently in place to address potential impacts, and their perceptions of the effectiveness of these strategies. Most managers expressed concern about visitor accommodation, park facilities, and staffing resources. Additionally, impacts on the natural resources and visitor experiences were identified in several parks. The impacts identified were seemingly exacerbated by current state park agency staffing and budgetary trends, requiring managers to adapt and develop their own strategies to best combat some of the issues identified.

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Crowding; state parks; parks management; manager perceptions

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