The Power of Data and Coalitions to Tell a Compelling Story about the Value of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism


  • Whitney Knollenberg North Carolina State University
  • Ashley Schroeder



Coalitions, advocacy, policy, political decision-making


Policy decisions have always impacted park, recreation, and tourism (PRT) stakeholders. However, these issues continue to significantly impact stakeholders’ ability to operate. Therefore, it is imperative that PRT stakeholders have a voice in the political decision-making process. Consequently, advocacy plays a critical role for PRT stakeholders. To be effective in their advocacy strategies, PRT stakeholders must tell a compelling story about the value of their organizations and the resources that they manage. Accordingly, this research note uses examples from practice to demonstrate the potential for PRT stakeholders to tell a compelling story about their value, as well as the potential for using data to foster coalition building among PRT stakeholders. While these examples serve as best practices, there is still room for improvement. This research note concludes with recommendations for addressing these areas, which can ultimately increase the effectiveness of PRT advocacy efforts. Subscribe to JPRA





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