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Activity Tracker for Assessing Outdoor Fitness Equipment Use

Cori Sweet, Soghra Jarvandi, Heather Sedges, Karen Franck


Outdoor fitness equipment in parks and green spaces improves access and opportunities for physical activity. Evaluating the use of this equipment is important, as data collected from such assessments can be used to guide future planning and strengthen promotion of physical activity. However, determining equipment usage can be challenging, especially when relying on surveys and in-person observational assessments, which are often time consuming and labor intensive. This project used a commercial activity tracker, the Fitbit Zip, to assess the use of the equipment at eight rural community parks and one green space where fitness equipment was placed.  The tracker was placed on elliptical units and was triggered by user movement. This information provided insight into the frequency of equipment use. The objective of this article is to describe the method used and the type of data collected.

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Rural; Outdoor Fitness Equipment; Built Environment; Health; Physical Activity

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