An Exploration of the Socioeconomic Benefits of Designating a Regional Park in the Severn Vale, UK




Regional parks, accessible greenspace, green infrastructure, inclusive design, health inequalities, community engagement


This study used qualitative research methods and GIS to explore the potential social and economic benefits of creating a regional park in the Severn Vale, Gloucestershire, UK. We first explored where the park boundary could potentially lie by a series of stages of suitability mapping in GIS. Subsequently, a mini focus group and three semi-structured interviews were conducted with experts in relevant fields in order to obtain perceptions on what the socio-economic benefits could be of establishing a regional park. Perceptions and suggestions obtained from the data recommended how the regional park should incorporate addressing issues such as health inequalities, inclusivity of all segments of society, options for active and sustainable travel, community engagement, and the creation of a positive regional brand, into the managerial practices and design elements of the proposed Severn Vale Regional Park.

Author Biography

Alessio Russo, School of Arts University of Gloucestershire

Academic Course Leader in Ma Landscape Architecture





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