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Introduction to the Special Issue, Part II–Innovative Methodologies in Park and Recreation: Applying Innovative Methods for Sustainable Resource Management

Jinwon Kim, Jinyang Deng


The purpose of this special issue “Innovative Methodologies in Park and Recreation Management” is to showcase innovative methods for collecting and analyzing a variety of aspatial and spatial data collected from GPS, mobile application, and social media in park and recreation management. Volume I introduced nine papers based on empirical research and case studies. These papers focused on topics associated with the measurement and management of park visitors’ experience. In Volume II, nine papers further addressed additional topics with an emphasis on park resource management. Similar to Volume I, papers in this volume also represented empirical and case studies from diverse geographic regions. As with the introduction to Volume I, each of these nine papers in this volume is briefly summarized below.

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innovative methodologies; park and recreation management; resource management

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