Camp Adventure™ Youth Services: A Model Service Learning Program


  • Chris Edginton
  • David C. Edginton
  • Jason Wing-Keung Lau


Service learning, youth development, programs for children and youths, staff development.


This paper presents a model service-learning program focused on providing high-quality, high-impact services for children and youth worldwide. The program known as Camp Adventure™ Youth Services has operated successfully in 25 countries. Since its inception, the program has provided opportunities for 7,256 college and university students with an opportunity to participate in a program that integrates theory with practice and provides developmentally sound school-age programs at more 150 sites serving nearly 600,000 children and youth based on daily participation rates. A key factor in the success of the program has been the creation of a staff development curriculum focused on address three core components: values, philosophy and history of the program; skills; and theoretical knowledge. The staff development program simulates the actual experience desired for successful professional practice.





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