Introduction to Special Issue on Park Marketing


  • Christine A. Vogt
  • Kathleen L. Andereck


marketing, marketing mix, parks, recreation


This paper serves as an introduction to the special issue on park marketing in the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. It frames the study of marketing and shows ties between marketing, marketing research and the broad field of parks and recreation administration. Tools marketers use to meet the needs of consumers are reviewed with attention to differences between goods marketing and services and experiences marketing. The fit and application of marketing to study park and recreation issues is considered through the work of critics and supporters. Some of the challenges with marketing park areas stem from differences in the mission of being a public versus non-profit provider. Other challenges include the advancement of integrated and sophisticated marketing applications, the practice of writing and using marketing plans in the park, recreation, and tourism fields, and the use of marketing research. Six papers selected for this special issue are introduced and framed according to the key elements of the marketing mix-product, price, place and promotion. Textbooks and journals are identified for those interested in learning more about marketing and its application in park, recreation, and tourism settings.