Beyond Fun and Games? Challenges to Adopting a Prevention and Youth Development Approach to Youth Recreation


  • Linda L. Caldwell


leisure, prevention, recreation, youth, youth development, youth at-risk


This article describes the philosophical, theoretical, and methodological challenges raised by the authors in the special issues on Youth and Leisure that appeared in journal of Park and Recreation Administration (JPRA) Issue 1 Volume 18 and the current issue. Although these special issues of JPRA were not designed to necessarily elicit papers dealing with "at-risk" youth, in most cases the papers address youth considered at-risk, or who live in risky environments. In discussing the challenges that emanated from the authors' writings, two related frameworks - prevention and youth development - are presented. The paper addresses whether or not, and to what extent, it is appropriate for parks and recreation departments to adopt these frameworks, and if so, the related implications for service providers and researchers.





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