HICO School-Year and Summer Recreation Program


  • J. M. "Mike" Hayes


HICO (High School Hangin') is sponsored by the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department. The program was designed to be a menu of activities, changing to meet the needs and wants of the community. Facilities are located on campus and programs are offered to fill empty time associated with the lunch break and after school dismissal until5:00 P.M. HICO is also offered from noon to 5:00P.M. for eight weeks of summer. Participants can drop in whenever they wish and stay as long as they want. Field trips and special events augment regular programming.The objectives ofHICO are to provide a safe, family-ike atmosphere in a place where someone cares. Positive lifestyle choices are taught and offered at times when teens at~e particularly vulnerable to negative options.A key element to producing successful HICO programming is staffing. Sites are led by a highly trained and experienced recreation professional. The site leader is stationed on-campus in order to become part of the high school community. Site staff' are selected on the basis of maturity, experience, diversity of skills and an affinity for work with teens. Staff· continuity and adaptability are goals of the program.





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