Coproduction of Recreation Services


  • Kenneth F. Backman
  • Bruce Wicks
  • Kenneth E. Silverberg


coproduction, volunteers, service allocation


Recently it was estimated that over 80 million adults in the United States volunteer every year, contributing the equivalent of over 150 billion dollars in activities or services. The goal of this study was to explore the efficacy of motivations to volunteer and coproduction as a model for delivering public park and recreation services. The representative subsample of three service areas (recreation-adults, youth development, and human services), 18 years of age or older were interviewed nation-wide using in -home interviews. Motivation items were factor analyzed revealing three dimensions labeled internally satisfYing, altruistic, and coproduction. Differences between the volunteer motives were tested on volunteer activity (type of service: youth development, adult recreation and human services), length of volunteer experience, and whether they are volunteering more or less today than in the past, and age and marital status. Differences were generally found for those with internally satisfYing motives as compared to the two other types of motivation, altruistic and coproduction.





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