Administrative Strategies to Combat the Effects of Socially Deviant Behavior on Public Parks and Recreation Agencies


  • Asuncion T. Suren
  • Robert Stiefvater


administration, social deviance, purple recreation, negative leisure


Socially deviant behaviors such as acts of vandalism, sexual exhibits, alcohol, and other drug use have not been viewed by the field of recreation as forms of recreation. This study investigated park and recreation administrators' perceptions of social deviance as "purple recreation" and its impact on programs, facilities, and citizens served by their agencies. Findings suggest that although park and recreation administrators do not conceptualize socially deviant acts as recreation, these acts have charged leisure service agencies with changing the way they do busi,ness. Understanding the. characteristics of purple recreation and factors that motivate one to engage in socially deviant acts will perpetuate a change in how administrators trai,n staff, justifY budgets, and execute programs. Through telephone intervie\vs, administrative strategies are suggested as preventive measu~es against socially deviant acts.





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