Assessment of Fiscal Status and Financial Trends in Public Parks and Recreation Agencies in Medium-Sized Communities of Southeastern United States


  • Nancy J. Gladwell
  • James R. Sellers


Local government, parks and recreation, financing, revenue sources, employment, medium-sized communities, managerial strategies.


This study reports on the fiscal status and financial trends in public parks and recreation departments in medium-sized communities in southeastern United States for fiscal year 1989-1990 and fiscal year 1994-1995. The data suggest positive trends in total operating and capital budgets, per capita spending, ratio of spending for parks and recreation to general local expenditures, and employment levels of both full-time permanent staff and temporary part-time staff. Local taxes were the primary revenue source for funding local parks and recreation. User fees and charges were used more frequently as a revenue source for operating expenditures than as a revenue source for capital outlay. Managerial strategies used to deal with budgetary changes are discussed.





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