Differences in Adolescent Activity Participation by Gender, Grade and Ethnicity;


  • James A. Busser
  • Amy L. Hyams
  • Cynthia P. Carruthers


Activity participation, adolescents, gender, grade, ethnicity, high school students, junior high school students, pre-adolescents, programming


The purpose of this study was to examine the leisure interests and participation of adolescents in relationship to gender, grade level and ethnicity. A questionnaire on leisure activity interests and participation was completed by 122 junior high school students and 444 high school students. Factor analysis of 112 leisure activities found 6 leisure activity groupings including: personal growth, arts, nontraditional sports/games, outdoor, community, and sport. Overall, youth indicated the highest preference for community activities. A .MANOVA revealed significant differences in activity participation by gender, grade, and ethnicity. Males were more interested in outdoor activities, traditional sport and nontraditional sport/games while females were more interested in personal' growth and the arts. Junior high school youth were more interested in nontraditional sports/ games, outdoor and sport activities than high school students. Caucasian youth were more interested in outdoor activities than youth of color. Implications for youth programming personnel are discussed.





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