Evaluation of the Impact of Two After-School Programs


  • Dwayne Baker
  • Peter A. Witt


After-school recreation programs, at-risk youth, self-care.


An evaluation was undertaken of outcomes associated with participation or non-participation by students in grades three to six in two different after-school recreation programs. A variety of outcome measures were utilized including student grades, attendance, tardiness, self-esteem, and problematic behaviors (home and school). Comparison of program participants and non-participants indicated significant differences in math, science, reading, and language grades at the end of the year after controlling for beginning of the year grades, socioeconomic status, gender and age. Differences in general self-esteem were also noted. For all significant variables, students partiCipating more often in the after-school program appeared to show greater impact. No differences emerged in ratings of problematic behaviors or academic self-esteem.





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