Evaluation of the Impact of the Dougherty Arts Center's Creativity Club on Children At-Risk


  • David Scott
  • Peter A. Witt
  • Michelle Garteiser Foss


Program evaluation, at-risk children, art programs


This study, which is based on an evaluation of an arts-based, after-school program that included a number of at-risk children, examined the outcomes parents sought for their children, the benefits children received from program participation, and elements that precipitated positive outcomes. Data were collected using participant observation and in -depth interviewing. Results of the study indicated that parents enrolled their children for distinct reasons and felt that their children accrued many benefits as a result of participating in the program. Salient program elements that appear to have contributed to positive outcomes included nurturing and caring leaders, multiple leaders, specialized disciplinary functions, structured and challenging activities, choice of activities, and an emphasis on kindness and cooperation.





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