Person-occasion Segmentation of State Park Visitors


  • Maureen P. Donnelly
  • Jerry J. Vaske
  • Darla S. DeRuiter
  • Timothy B. King


Resource amenities, visitor profiles, person -occasion segmentation


Previous segmentation research has recognized a diversity of benefits visitors seek from a particular recreation engagement. Fewer studies have considered the diversity of resource attributes offered in natural' settings. This paper develops a segmentation strategy based on both the characteristics of Colorado State Park visitors (persons) and the attributes of the parks they visited (occasions). A priori segmentation of the resource attributes identified a continuum of park types ranging from those offering minimal facilities and activities to parks providing a full complement of amenities (e.g., showers, electrical hookups). For three of the four park types examined, fairly distinct and homogeneous subgroups of visitors emerged. Respondents to these park types were attracted to the resource by one or two distinct activity or facility features. For the highest amenity park type, further user-based segmentation revealed three clusters of individuals; a younger, more active group desiring the entire package of activity and facility offerings, an older group primarily preferring the developed amenities provided by the parks, and a cluster of individuals who were less interested in either the facilities or the activities. The implications of segmenting visitors based on both the characteristics of the user and the resource are discussed.





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