An Examination of the Characteristics, Preferences, and Attitudes of Mountain Bike Users of the National Forests


  • Steve Hollenhorst
  • Michael A. Schuett
  • David Olson
  • Debbie Chavez


Mountain biking, national forests, user education, communication, cooperation, preferences.


This study examined the growing activity of mountain biking in the national forests. Information concerning participation rates, behaviors, preferences and demographics were collected on-site at a total oftive national forests in Texas, West Virginia and California. Data were compared by region with the results (n=696) indicating several differences in experience, trail preferences and ride length. Motivations for participating in mountain biking overall and mountain biking in the national forests were also very diverse. Findings from this study confirm that this growing outdoor activity is a subject of controversy and discord. A need therefore exists for continued research to learn more about this popular outdoor activity. It is suggested that all affected parties, land managers, federal agencies, private industry and user groups adopt a community approach in examining the issues to best determine policy.





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