Leisure in the Lives of Male Adolescents Who Engage in Delinquent Activity for Excitement


  • Brenda J. Robertson


leisure, qualitative, delinquent activity, constraints, needs, leisure education


Little is known about leisure in the lives of adolescents who engage in delinquent activity for fun and excitement. This study investigated leisure and delinquent activity in the lives of eight such male adolescents. Findings suggest that delinquent experiences that are characterized by freedom and control are considered leisure by participants. Access to socially acceptable leisure opportunities to satisfy their needs is blocked by a number of constraints such as skill level, timing, resources, regulations, family status, and degree of leisure education. Satisfaction of needs such as feeling connected to others, release of stress and obtaining a rush are satisfied through delinquent experiences. Direction is suggested for provision of socially acceptable leisure opportunities to satisfy the needs of this population.





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