"People Aren't Together Too Much Anymore:'' Social Interaction Among Rural Elderly


  • Bryan McCormick


rural, elderly, at-risk, social interaction.


Research on the social lives of older people in rural areas has been scant. While much of what is known about leisure and recreation among the elderly is based on urban populations, older people in rural and urban environments differ on a number of dimensions. The purpose of this study was to examine the social lives of a group of rural elderly residents. The study was framed from within an interpretive paradigm, and methods sensitive to this paradigmatic view were employed. Findings were that social structural changes have had direct impact upon opportunities for interaction. Traditionally, opportunities for interaction have been tied to village institutions; yet, these institutional opportunities have left rural villages, and few replacements have appeared. The impacts of these changes on the rural elderly and avenues through which leisure services may improve conditions for the rural elderly are discussed.





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