Motive-Based Segmentation of a Public Zoological Park Market


  • Kathleen L. Andereck
  • Linda L. Caldwell


Traveler motives, tourism marketing, market segmentation, zoological parks


Market segmentation has long been a standard practice among tourism organizations. In recent years, tourism enterprises have recognized the importance of motive- or benefit-based segmentation for marketing purposes. Lately, public park and recreation agencies have also begun to recognize the need for market segmentation and target marketing in an attempt to understand their markets. This is becoming increasingly critical as public agencies endure resource reduction and attempt to appeal to a variety of markets. This paper describes the segmentation of a public zoological park market using visitation motives. Data were gathered from a random sample of zoological park visitors using a multi-stage collection approach. Basic motives for visitation and segments based on those motives were developed by a factor-cluster analysis procedure. Segments are described in terms of motives, demographics and trip characteristics. Implications for public park managers are discussed.





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