Using a Person-Situation Approach to Market Segmentation


  • Sheila J. Backman


Market segmentation, person-situation, beach, benefits.


A myriad of approaches have been used to segment recreation and tourism markets. Each of the approaches has been criticized because of inherent limitations. This paper explores an approach to segmentation that addresses many of these limitations. Dickson's (1982) person-situation approach is used in a recreation setting. This approach uses both the person and the usage situation in developing market segments._ To illustrate Dickson's approach, two usage situations were examined at four specific coastal resources. Beach visitors (440-spring, 390-summer) were personally interviewed at four Gulf Front beaches to determine the psychological benefits they sought during the beach experience. Visitor profile information was also collected at that time. Results of the analysis of variance and chi-square tests revealed that the psychological benefits varied by season and by resource. These results suggest that managers should be cognizant of how their resources may change seasonally.





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