Expected and Actual Regional Economic Impacts of Great Basin National Park


  • Scott A. Dawson
  • Dale J. Blahna
  • John E. Keith


Economic impacts, tourism, outdoor recreation, Great Basin National Park.


Recreation and tourism based development is often promoted as an alternative to commodity development in many natural resource dependent communities experiencing economic decline, but there has been little research on the actual economic impacts of national park visitation on local economies. Data from the 1988 Great Basin National Park Visitor Survey were used to calculate visitor expenditures and their impacts in White Pine County, Nevada, and Beaver and Millard counties, Utah. Data from 1,032 visitor groups from outside the counties indicated that visitors spent an average of $23.73 per person per trip in the study counties in 1988. These expenditures accounted for 0.5% of total gross output, 0.5% of value added, and 0.7% of employment in the three counties. These results are discussed in light of a 1990 survey of local residents' attitudes toward the park and the current efforts to develop a regional recreation and tourism strategy.





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