Recreation, Tourism, and the Local Residents: Partnership or Co-existence?


  • Christine J. Clements
  • John H. Schultz
  • David W. Lime


Tourism perceptions, resident perceptions, recreation planning, community development, municipal park professionals, businesspersons, and special interest groups.


As the field of parks and recreation management grows, the recreation professional is confronted with a variety of new challenges. These challenges include increased emphasis on community involvement and a growing relationship between recreation and tourism. This study utilized a community survey to gain resident input into the development of a comprehensive recreation management plan. It looked at urban resident perceptions towards tourism in the Mississippi River corridor through the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The results identified several variables that impacted tourism perceptions. These variables included: personal benefits, personal costs, and proximity to the river. No significant relationship was found between length of time the respondents lived in the Twin Cities and tourism perception. A mutual support for environmental preservation and economic development also was found. The need for partnership planning, including tourism professionals, recreation professionals, and the general public are discussed. Public education, education of tourism and recreation professionals, and an increased knowledge of the community were suggested strategies needed to develop strong partnerships.





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