Motivational Assessment in Organizations: An Application of Importance-Performance Analysis


  • Albert E. Williams
  • Larry L. Neal


Motivation, Herzberg, importance-performance analysis, MAPS, assessment


Prevailing management wisdom suggests that employees should be considered one of an organization's most valuable assets, equal in importance to products, services, and customers. One method of ensuring that employee needs are considered, especially in terms of motivation, is the development of proactive survey methods that allow managers to gather and interpret employee feedback in a "user friendly" manner. This article details the development and application of the Motivation Assessment and Performance Scale or MAPS, which combines importance-performance analysis with the construct of Herzberg's motivation/hygiene theory. l'he MAPS instrument was used to survey 26 public park and recreation agencies in Oregon and Washington. Assessed were the attitudes of employees and their managers with respect to importance of motivation factors in the work place, and the performance of management in facilitating opportunities for employees to experience those factors.





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