Testing the Effect of an Economic Downturn on Equity Preferences for Park and Recreation Services


  • Bruce E. Wicks


Social equity, panel study


This paper examines the stability of social equity preferences held by residents of Austin, Texas, for recreation and park services. A panel study .design was employed to compare and contrast the attitudinal data collected in 1985 and again from the same respondents in 1988. Because panel data do not meet the assumption of statistical independence, two nonparametiic tests were used to determine if the two measurements of 56 equity preferences differed and if their responses exhibited internal consistency. The Stuart's test was employed to examine marginal homogeneity of the contingency tables and the Bowker test to examine the symmetry of off-diagonal probabilities. Results of these omnibus tests suggest that the sample's equity preferences changed little over time even during severe economic crises, and that such preferences were not likely to change significantly among respondents.





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