Recreation Partnerships and the USDA Forest Service: Managers' Perceptions of the Impact of the National Recreation Strategy


  • Steven Selin
  • Debbie Chavez


Partnerships, recreation, evaluation, USDA Forest Service, entrepreneurship, leisure, public involvement


Partnerships have emerged as a popular method of improving recreation resource programs in an age of fiscal constraints. Much of the previous literature on recreation partnerships has been anecdotal. This paper evaluates the success of one initiative, the USDA Forest Service's National Recreation Strategy, in influencing partnership formation and management within the Forest Service. A nationwide sample of Forest Service employees are surveyed regarding the impact of the strategy on 13 "desired partnership conditions" in the Forest Service. These desired conditions focus on different dimensions of the priority given to partnerships by each writ and the frequency of various partnership activities. Open-ended responses provide suggestions for improving the partnership component of tl}e National Recreation Strategy.





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