Work Motivation and Camp Counselors


  • Don DeGraaf
  • Christopher R. Edginton


Work motivation, seasonal employees (camp counselors).


In the dynamic, competitive environment of the leisure and recreation industry, it is increasingly important to understand employees' work motivation in order to increase employee effectiveness. Managers in leisure and recreation organizations must understand those elements that influence work motivation, especially related to seasonal and part-time employees as this segment of the leisure work force continues to grow. This study examines the work motivation of seasonal employees working in a camp setting. Specifically, the study sought to better understand the work motivators of camp counselors to accept a camp position, to work throughout the summer, and to return in future years. The study also sought to understand the relationship between selected variables -type of organization (public, private, commercial), type of camp (day, resident), gender, age, camp experience, and career orientation - as they relate to camp counselors' ranking and rating of work motivators. Herzberg's two-factor theory provided the theoretical basis for the study.





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