Managerial Work Activities and Perceived Competencies of Municipal Recreation Managers1


  • Bryan J.A. Smale
  • Wendy Frisby


Managerial competencies, proficiency, municipal recreation, professional development, level of management.


Very little is known about exactly what it is that municipal recreation managers do when they manage or how competent municipal recreation managers feel they are to perform required duties. Based on interview data and a review of the literature, a questionnaire was developed and distributed to full-time managers who are members of two professional municipal recreation associations. The results revealed that recreation managers devote a similar percentage of their work time to planning, but variations exist in their involvement in organizing, influencing, controlling, and nonmanagerial activities. In addition, there are significant differences between how involved municipal recreation employees at different levels of management are in several managerial work activities an dhow proficient they feel they are to perform them.· The information provided poses implications for professional development programs directed to specific levels of management, and for human resource development, career planning and development, and employment equity programs.





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