An Assessment of the Importance and Performance of Park Impact Fees in Funding Park and Recreation Infrastructure


  • James E. Fletcher
  • Ronald A. Kaiser
  • Susan Groger


Developer fees, equity, impact fees, importance-performance analysis, infrastructure fmancing, park exactions.


Municipal park and recreation directors in six states were surveyed to evaluate their satisfactionwith park impact fee programs. Fourteen questionnaire items were designed to evaluate three areas of possible expectations related to impact fee pro gram performance: ( 1) equity of fees in paying for growth; (2) administrative ease in implementation of the fee program; and (3) political support for impact fees. The survey data were analyzed through importance-performance analysis. Overall, administrators were satisfied with the applicability of impact fees to all types of developments, the resulting improvement in comprehensive planning necessitated by fee programs, and the support of citizens for impact fees. They were dissatisfied with performance related to (1) increased housing costs, (2). discouragement of growth, (3) avoidance of lengthy negotiations with developers, (4) lack of support from developers, and (5) discouragement of private parks.





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