Key Trends and Issues Impacting Local Government Recreation and Park Administration in the 1990s: A Focus for Strategic Management and Research


  • Digby N.B. Whyte


Delphi forecasting, local park and recreation administration, strategic management, research agenda, trends and issues.


Although speculative papers on the future abound in park and recreation literature, few systematic studies provide a structured focus and prescription for strategic management and research in the 1990s. This paper reports a Delphi study that elicited the opinions of 36 administrators and scholars from the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration and the Academy of Leisure Sciences to determine the key trends and issues impacting local government recreation and park administration in the 1990s. Reported are five trends and five issues that were determined to require an immediate response by the profession, together with a further six trends and eight issues requiring priority response by the middle of the decade. An explanation of the trend implications and suggested issue solutions were also provided by the jury. Reduced citizen support and subsequent downsizing of services were predicted if no response was made to key trends.





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