Being Female in the Park and Recreation Profession in the 1990s: Issues and Challenges


  • Karla A. Henderson


Women, leadership, discrimination, career planning, stress, gender roles, profession, leisure.


Women are becommg more visible in recreation, park, and leisure service organizations and have many contributions to make to the field in the 1990s because of the perspectives they bring about organization behavior. To best use the skills and talents of women, however, it is necessary to also understand some of the challenges that exist when women contribute new roles to organizations. The purposeofthis review of the literature concerning the role of women in the profession is to highlight the issues facing women and to make suggestions for how individual women can help themselves, how supervisors and others in organizational structures can assist women, and what further research is necessary for understanding how women can become more effective contributors to leisure service organizations. The complementary contribution model is used as the framework for the analysis. Specifically, discussion centers on the overlapping questions of discrimination, career planning, and work environments. Balancing personal and professional life as issues in managing stress and empowering women to make contributions to the recreation, park, and leisure services profession are also addressed.





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