Measuring Leisure Interests


  • Mounir G. Ragheb
  • Jacob G. Beard


Leisure interests, outdoor interests, mechanical interests, cultural interests, social interests, measurement.


The purpose of this study was to develop a scale for measuring leisure interests. The study integrated leisure interests from previous studies into a meaningful frame of reference. A set of27leisure activity categories was derived from several different studies of leisure interests and was reduced to 8 measurable categories using a series of judgmental and statistical procedures. After extensive analysis to verify a structure of leisure interests, items were generated for 8 subscales and administered to 252 adult subjects. The resulting Leisure Interest Scale can assist recreation and park managers in identifying their constituents' interests for purposes of program planning, policy-making, and facility design. Moreover, the results for individuals can be utilized to develop awareness of, and to provide guidance in, leisure choices in leisure counseling and rehabilitative settings.





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