Analysis of the Design Function of an Adult Softball Complex in a New Public Recreational Park


  • Paul Bartlett
  • A. E. Einert


Evaluation, design features, Importance-Performance Analysis, softball complex, user analysis.


Evaluation of the user efficacy of design features is essential for optimizing existing and future recreational facilities. A modified Importance Performance Analysis (IP A) instrument was administered to 129 users to evaluate the design features of a newly constructed adult softball complex. Twenty-three of the 30 design features rated were found to be highly acceptable. The features most acceptable were the night lighting, perimeter fencing, grassed outfields, and restrooms. The features most unacceptable were the night lighting for walkways, warm-up areas, surface water drainage, and comfort of the bleachers. It was also found there was user satisfaction with the multiple fields, spaciousness, field conditions, and location of the complex. The most frequent complaints were related to the need for shade and warm-up areas. It was concluded tliat the softball complex could serve as a prototype for future complexes with the following provisions: 1) warm-up areas, such .as batting cages and open space; 2) shade, such as shade trees or overhead structures; 3) comfortable seating with maximal viewing opportunities, and 4) north-south orientation of the fields.





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