Use oflmportance-PerformanceAnalysis to Evaluate State Park Cabins: The Case of the West Virginia State Park System


  • Steve Hollenhorst
  • David Olson
  • Ronal Fortney


Importance-Performance Analysis, state parks, cabin design, attributes, satisfaction.


As an increasing number of state park systems look to rental cabins as a potential solution to the tourism development versus preservation conflict, information is needed for the design. construction, and management of these resources. In this study, the Importance-Performance Analysis method was used to identify the importance of various attributes of the West Virginia state park cabin experience and to determine visitor satisfaction with these attributes. We hypothesized that the most important attributes would relate to modernity, comfort, and convenience, while the least important would relate to naturalness, seclusion, and other, more rustic cabin qualities. Using a stratified random sampling procedure, 680 cabin guests were selected for the study. Over 520 usable surveys were completed for a response rate of 76.8%. In general, we found little support for our hypothesis. While simple comforts and conveniences were viewed as necessary, expectations for a simple, unpretentious, and rustic cabin experience were of primary importance.





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