Dimensions of Personality and Vocational Role Preferences: A Further Examination of the Status of Women Entering the Leisure Services Profession


  • Peter H. Cunningham
  • Stephen Rollin


Women, personality, vocational role preferences.


Previous researchers have noted the increasing proportion of women entering the leisure services profession and have investigated many of the ramifications of this shift. Little, however has been done to understand the reasons for this increase or to identify the factors which seem to make leisure services an attractive career choice for women. The authors of this study sought to identify variables associated with personality and vocational role preference which might describe the women who are entering the profession as differing from other females. This article describes the research conducted with two major groups of students: leisure services majors and nonmajors at a large public university. Subjects were measured in the area of normal personality traits and vocational preferences. Based upon the data, women majoring in leisure services are described in both personality and vocational interest as differing from females preparing to enter other professional fields.?





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