Monitoring for Quality Control in State Park Management


  • Jerry J. Vaske
  • Maureen P. Donnelly
  • Brandford N. Williamson


Quality control, visitor satisfaction, state park management.


This paper reports the fmdings from a three-year study (1987-89) monitoring the quality of services at New Hampshire State Parks. Unlike most previous research, which has concentrated on measures of overall satisfaction, the variables included on the eleven-item visitor report card used in this study represent specific parameters which management can control. Regression analyses indicated that the specific indicators (e.g., cleanliness of the restrooms/grounds, helpfulness of the staff, etc.) influenced overall satisfaction, and accounted for 50 percent of the variance. These fmdings suggest that satisfaction monitoring using parameters that can be directly manipulated by management is a useful tool for achieving a high degree of quality control in the services offered.





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