Important-Performance Analysis as a Staff Evaluation Tool


  • Mark E. Havitz
  • G. David Twynam
  • John M. DeLorenzo


Importance-Performance analysis, staff evaluation, job-related tasks.


This study explored the practicality of using an increasingly popular program evaluation technique, Importance-Performance analysis, as a method of staff evaluation. Four versions of a questionnaire suitable for conducting an internal evaluation of task importance and departmental performance were developed at the request of the Department of Parks and Recreation in a major midwestern city. The four versions of the instrument were used to reflect the differing job-related tasks performed by clerical staff, administrators, maintenance staff, and programmers. The analysis revealed differences in the perceived importance of various job-related tasks and in perceptions of the department's performance of those tasks across the four categories of employees. The results of the study should be useful for guiding future management decisions pertaining to job assignments, employee morale, and resource allocation.





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