Expenditure Characteristics of Pennsylvania State Park Audiences


  • Charles H. Strauss
  • Bruce E. Lord


User expenditures, public recreation, cost structure.


A study of user expenditures within Pennsylvania's state park system identified the direct financial impact of this audience upon the state's economy. Expenditure profiles of six major activity groups were developed from interviews of park users in 30 state parks during the 1985-87 summer seasons. Expenditures averaged $5/activity day (AD) for hiking, swimming, and picnicking; $9/AD for fishing, and $20-26/AD for camping and boating. Total user expenditures for the state's system of 114 parks were estimated at $250 million for the 1987 calendar year. Variable costs accounted for 68 percent of the total, with equipment purchases representing the additional 32 percent. Although 4 7 percent of the variable purchases was made in the users' home areas, another39percentwas placedneartheparksite, with the remaining 14 percent spent while in transit to the park.





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