Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behavioral Intentions of Park and Recreation Students Toward Serving Persons with Disabilities


  • David R. Austin
  • Gail W. Hoge
  • Joan K. Austin


Attitudes, beliefs, behavioral intentions, disabled persons, special recreation course.


Two studies were conducted to examine the attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral intentions of park and recreation students toward providing services to persons with disabilities who reside in the community. An instrument to assess student attitudes and intentions was developed and the effects of a special recreation course on the intentions of the students were investigated. For both studies, subjects were undergraduate park and recreation students. In the first study, the instrument was found to have satisfactory internal consistency and test-retest reliability. The main purpose of the second study was to determine if there would be changes in student attitudes, social norms, and behavioral intentions after taking a special recreation class. The design used was modeled on the Solomon Four Group Design. Results of the second study indicated that behavioral intentions were stronger (p=.002) and indirect attitudes more positive (p=.O 14 following a special recreation course. Implications and recommendations for assessing and preparing course material to positively influence students are discussed.





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