The Relationship Between Stress and Wellness for Public Leisure Service Managers


  • James A. Busser


Occupational stress, type A-B behavioral pattern, wellness, public leisure service managers.


There are few empirical investigations of stress in occupational settings, and little is known about stress in the leisure services field. Stress research has focused on a variety of health-related consequences for the individual. However, wellness, an emerging concept of health, requires investigation. This article utilized a model of occupational stress that examined the sources of stress in the workplace, the role of individual differences, and the health-related outcomes of stress measured as wellness. Self-report measures were used with a sample of 2i9 public leisure service managers. Results indicated that high-stress managers had significantly lower wellness levels than low-stress managers, which is consistent with the literature regarding stress and health. This finding lends support for wellness as a coping technique for occupational stress.?





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