The New Recreation-Tourism Alliance


  • Clare A. Gunn


Recreation, tourism, overlap, cooperation, South Africa.


Although the fields of tourism and recreation have grown from separate roots and are supported by separate organizations, there is sufficient overlap to foster cooperation and even alliance.Recreation generally encompasses human activity during leisure. Research frequently focuses on behavior and environmental impacts. Tourism is promoted primarily for its economic impact, and research focuses on market characteristics and marketing planning.These differences notwithstanding, many areas of overlap are stimulating integration throughout the world. Development and management for recreation and tourism require similar considerations of design and planning. Both fields are influenced greatly by similar aspects of market preferences, promotional · emphases, information systems, services, resource foundations, and transportation.An outstanding example of new research collaboration now exists between South Africa's tourism agency and the nation's recreation association. University scholars in four fields are leading tourism research efforts directed and coordinated by the South African Association of Sports Science, Physical Education, and Recreation. Former states of coexistence and even antagonism are now being replaced by new cooperation and alliances.?





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