Sources of Information Used by International Visitors to U.S. Parks and Natural Areas


  • Muzaffer Uysal
  • Cary D. McDonald
  • Laurel J. Reid


International tourism, information sources, potential markets, national parks, natural areas.


National parks in the United States are major attractions for international tourists. Evidence suggests that the demand for outdoor recreation by these travelers is increasing and likely to continue in the near future. However, when considering recreation on public lands, the importance of international visitors has generally been overlooked. In order to promote parks and natural areas on an international basis, it is critical to establish the "market potential'' for parks and identify the sources that visitors use most heavily in their search for information about the United States. This paper examines the market potential of parks for international travelers and investigates the information sources used by visitors from West Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan. The paper also makes specific suggestions on how public agencies can reach and inform international visitors, both at their points of origin and at the destination areas.?





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