Discriminating Between Continuers and Discontinuers of Two Public Leisure Services


  • Sheila J. Backman
  • John L. Crompton


Continuance, discontinuance, side bets, level of involvement, values, perceived skill level, attitude.


Leisure researchers repeatedly have posed the question, "Why does one individual continue to participate in an activity, while another does not?" The decision to continue or discontinue participation in leisure services is likely to be influenced by internal and external variables. The utility of using selected internal and external variables in differentiating between continuers and dis continuers of two public leisure services is examined in this study. Discriminant analysis revealed that an individual's level of involvement, strength of attitude toward the service, and side bets were generic predictors of an individual's continuance in a leisure activity. On the other hand, values and perceived skill level tended to be activity-specific predictors of continuance in a leisure activity.?





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