A Test of Peak Load Pricing on Senior Citizen Recreationists: A Case Study of Steamboat Lake State Park


  • Sid Stevenson


Senior citizen recreationists, senior citizen discounts, differential pricing, peak load pricing, fees, state parks, intergenerational equity, income.


In the search for optimal pricing of outdoor recreation opportunities, current discounts for senior citizen recreationists are being challenged. Recent literature suggests that little justification may exist for the continuation of these policies in natural resource-based facilities.In this paper, the authorutilizes pre- and post-feeresponses and behavior to analyze the actual and perceived impact of a peak load pricing policy. This policy was implemented on senior citizen recreationists during the summer of 1985 at Steamboat Lake State Park in northwestern Colorado. Particular emphasis was placed on measuring the impact relative to income.The fmdings indicate that peak load pricing does not appear inequitable for lower income l!Sers, and it offers a satisfactory step toward achieving both increased revenue and more efficient resource utilization.





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