The Application of Work Expectancy Concepts to Park Maintenance Management


  • Steven R. Baldwin


Park maintenance, productivity improvement, work expectancy, time standards, workload forecasting, manpower planning, work measurement.


Opporttmities are available to improve productivity in park maintenance operations through use of productivity measures that are similar to those for other industries. The key to improvement is finding adaptable measurement tools that can be applied to park maintenance in a practical way.Work expectancy is the measurement solution presented here. It is a concept based on management science principles that advocate time standards as a performance indicator. The concept itself is not based on academic research and a survey of industry literature. Rather, it represents a hybrid set of measurement components based on eighteen years of consulting experience in the field of park maintenance and operations management.The best tmderstanding of work expectancy is derived from seeing it in practice. Hence, the discussion will center on the benefits obtained through the work expectancy implementation process. The procedures described have been successfully applied by mtmicipal park systems across the United States. Those systems not only realized substantial operations savings by using work expectancy but also gained by eliminating inefficiencies uncovered during its implementation.





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