Cooperative Research for Monitoring Recreation Use of the Lower Salmon River


  • Deborah Rawhouser
  • Charles C. Harris
  • LuVerne Grussing
  • Edwin E. Krumpe
  • William J. McLaughlin


Recreation-use monitoring, recreation-use estimation, river recreation management.


This paper presents a methodology that managers of river and other recreation resources can follow for gathering and applying recreation use information along a recreation corridor. This procedure was developed cooperatively by university-based researchers and the recreation manager for the Lower Salmon River in Idaho. Implementation of a statistical sampling method and use-estimation procedures are described. The paper also discusses the use of survey research and nonparticipant observation methods to obtain complementary information on the number of visitors, visitor distribution, preferences, and opinions about the study area. This integrated measurement approach is significant in two ways. First, the sampling design, data collection, and use-estimation methods can be applied in other, similar areas with slight modifications. Second, this approach is effective in providing information needed by the recreation resource manager, while minimizing the costs of obtaining the information.





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