Determinants of Program Loyalty


  • Dennis R. Howard
  • Christopher R. Edginton
  • Steven W. Selin


Loyalty, consumer loyalty, program loyalty, municipal park and recreation agencies.


This study focuses on the topic of program loyalty in municipal park and recreation organizations. In general, the study investigates the application of a model to measure consumer loyalty in a municipal park and recreation department. The research addresses four questions. 1) Can the loyalty of municipal park and recreation services consumers be measured effectively? 2) To what degree are consumers loyal to municipal park and recreation programs? 3) To what extent does the degree of loyalty expressed by consumers vary from one program area to another? 4) Can the program loyalty of park and recreation consumers be segmented according to selected demographic and personality variables?The study effectively demonstrates the use of a two-dimensional model to measure consumer loyalty. Respondents in the study indicated a low to moderate level of loyalty to the municipal park and recreation department studied. Program loyalty was shown to be greater in the area of fitness as compared to the program area of arts and dance classes. Last, this investigation provided a mechanism for segmenting demographic variables. Participants aged fifty-one years and older demonstrated greater levels of commitment than younger participants.





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