The Importance of Economic Impact to Municipal Recreation Programming


  • Sarah L. Richardson
  • Patrick T. Long
  • Richard R. Perdue


Economic impact, recreation programming, management.


The importance of economic impact to municipal park and recreation professionals has increased dramatically in this decade. Today, programs are often continued and expanded not only to provide a needed community service, but also for potential economic impact. In 1987, a twophase study was conducted to gain insight into the influence of economic impact on recreation management decisions. An initial focus group interview was used to identify economic impact issues. Members of the directors' section of the Colorado Park and Recreation Association were then surveyed to explore further the relationships between economic impact and recreation programming. Findings suggested that economic impact information was valuable to external management and public relations, as well as to internal programming and budgetary decisions and employee morale. Implications for future programming and economic impact research can be drawn from the findings.





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