Key Indicators of Campsite Selection at Corps of Engineers Lakes


  • Walter H. Bumgardner
  • Michael R. Waring
  • Michael H. Legg
  • Lydia Goetz


Campsite preference, camper survey, recreation area design, aesthetics, developed campsites, reservoir recreation.


The results of two studies on the importance of campsite selection attributes that were derived from observation and camper interviews at Corps of Engineers' reservoirs in the southern United States are summarized and compared. Variances between camper-stated and researcher-observed selection factors are examined. The results affirm the importance of facilities and utilities in campsite selection at developed campgrounds. Lake visibility emerges as the most important factor in campsite selection at undeveloped campgrounds. Predictability of high and low use at undeveloped campsites based on factors such as lake visibility, lake access, and presence or absence of covered picnic tables is presented. Suggestions are offered for increasing campground attractiveness to campers by improving campsite attributes.





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