Computer Capability Replacement: A Workable Management Strategy


  • Patricia Farrell
  • Edward J. Loss
  • Jim E. Tallerico


Computer replacement, computer acquisition, needs analysis, computer applications, computers, replacement strategy, and users group, computer.


The process involved in acquiring or replacing computer capability for handling and facilitating information flow is a crucial part of responsible management today. The authors have experienced a successful needs analysis process with the East Bay Regional Park District, Oakland, California. The key strategy was a two-pronged approach. To begin, it was necessary to form a computer users group consisting of staff from all areas of the department; and secondly, involvement of all staff heads was carefully woven into the needs analysis process. The steps in the process included systematic needs analysis, articulation of benefits, prioritizing of benefits, and extensive analysis of the top 25 percent of the accepted list to the final, detailed articulation of the application desired.





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